Hotmail Account Creation At Blazing Speeds With Sockets

Start creating thousands of emails at lightning fast speed with sockets. With sockets, multi-threading, and automatic captcha solving, Hotmail & Outlook accounts are created in a snap of a finger.
Extremely Randomized Sign-up Process

SuperHAC makes sure to completely randomize sign-up details. Usernames, passwords, names, address, and contact information are completely randomized for each account. Choose between Hotmail, Outlook, or random for the domain name.
Multi-Threading Support

Run as many threads as your computer can handle to speed up the account creation process.
Multiple Automatic Captcha Solving Services

You can solve captchas manually or solve them automatically by linking SuperHAC to DeathByCaptcha, Imagetyperz, ImageDecoders, + more. Bad captchas are automatically reported back to the captcha service.
Private & Public Proxy Support With Smart Proxy Rotation

SuperHAC supports both private and public proxies. This allows you to override the account creation limits.
Advanced Configuration

There a ton of settings and options to play with to yield the results you desire.
Custom Usernames Editor

Use word lists, punctuation, and numbers to customize usernames exactly the way you want them.
Custom Output Editor

Create your own custom output for successful accounts. Mix and match the email, password, alias email, proxy, proxy port, proxy user, proxy pass, and delimiter of your choice.
Output To SEO Software Format

SuperHAC is compatible with many SEO software. Output accounts in GSA format, SENuke format, Sick Submitter format, + more.
Alias Creation: 33 Emails Per IP Per 24 Hours

Alias creation enables you to create an extra 10 emails per account, or an extra 30 emails per IP per day. All emails sent to the alias emails, land in the main account's mailbox.
POP Enabled, Inbox Rule Added

SuperHAC allows you to automatically enable POP and add an inbox rule for all accounts created. The inbox rule makes sure all emails land in the inbox.
Multiple Configuration Files

Use different configuration setups for different projects and tasks.
Monitor, Logs, Software Options

The monitor, data grid, activity log, error log, allows you to follow the account creation run closely.
24/7 Dedicated Support

Support is available 24/7 for all users of SuperHAC. There is no issue that can't be fixed.
Frequent Updates

SuperHAC is constantly being updated and improved with a variety of features and options.

SuperHAC - Super Hotmail Account Creator


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