Hotmail Account Creation At Blazing Speeds
Multi-threading, auto-generated account details, proxy support, and auto-captcha solving, allow Hotmail accounts to be created at an extremely fast pace while remaining as effecient as possible. Generate Hotmail, Outlook, and Live accounts in a snap of a finger!
Advanced Configuration
There are many configuration options and settings. Use the advanced configuration to set up the account creation process as you need in order to achieve the exact results you desire.
Alive Account Checker
Use the account checker to check if your master accounts and/or alias emails are alive or dead. Use the blacklist checker to checks if your emails are blacklisted. Use multi-threading to check all your accounts in a blink of an eye!
Custom Output Editor
Output created accounts into the customized format of your choice. This makes the tansition from SuperHAC to your preferred SEO software a breeze. Output the accounts in any format you'd like! Save accounts in spintax, output in GSA format, plus much more!
Create 33 Emails Per IP
Override limits and create an additional 30 emails per IP every 24 hours using the alias creation feature! This enables you to save on time and resources.
Inbox Filter & POP Rule Creation
Make sure every single last email doesn't touch the spam box and lands in the inbox instead. This makes life a lot easier when verifying links in emails. Automatically set up the POP respect rule in order to delete emails in other programs!
Custom Username Editor
Set up your email usernames exactly the way you need. Use personal word lists, numbers, and punctuation and to completely randomize and customize your account's usernames. Generate unlimited variations!
Frequently Updated
SuperHAC is frequently updated. New features, options, and settings are added to give users the best experience as possible. The software continues to grow and improve each and every day.

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